FAQ: Pst Mail

What is the difference between the Lite and the Full version?

Both versions of Pst Mail have the same functionality, although the lite version is intended for evaluation only, and will only let you open 10 items per folder.

What about requirements?

The latest version of Pst Mail requires iOS7 or higher. If you have an older iOS version, you may still be able to download a previous version of Pst Mail that is compatible with your installed iOS release.

It works with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. When running on the iPad, it will make good use of the larger screen size.

What is the difference between using Pst Mail with an iPhone or an iPad?

Pst Mail has the same functionality on both devices. The advantage of using the iPad version, is a greater screen size to better accommodate your emails.

Will Pst Mail work with multiple pst files?

Yes. Pst Mail can open any number of pst files. They will be displayed automatically in the first screen.

Is there a size limit?

No. Pst Mail can open all pst files, regardless their size.

What versions of Outlook is Pst Mail compatible with?

All versions. Pst Mail is able to read files generated pre and post Microsoft Outlook 2003 for Windows. It means it can handle ANSI (16-bit) and Unicode (32-bit) versions of the pst file.

What is Pst Mail Sync?

Pst Mail Sync is a free tool that runs on a PC with Windows. It silently waits for connections from your iOS device and serves pst files. Your device will automatically detect PCs running Pst Mail Sync on its WiFi network. It is an optional method to transfer pst files, you may also use iTunes or Dropbox.

What do I need to run Pst Mail Sync?

Pst Mail Sync runs on Windows XP or higher. It needs a 32-bit Java runtime environment and Bonjour.

You may obtain Java, from http://www.java.com/download.

Bonjour usually is installed automatically with iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download.

If you do not want to install iTunes, you may install Bonjour only: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999.

What is Bonjour?

Bonjour is the underlying software that provides automatic discovery of network services. Among other things, it allows your iPhone/iPad to automatically find computers running Pst Mail Sync. Bonjour is developed and distributed by Apple.

Where can I get Pst Mail Sync from?

To download Pst Mail Sync, please visit this page.