Pst Mail (v2.3)

Download Description

Pst Mail is an application designed to access Outlook Offline Folders, also know as pst files. In order to evaluate the application, we have made available two versions:

  • Pst Mail: This is the full paid version.
  • Pst Mail Lite: This is identical to Pst Mail, but it is free and intended for evaluation purposes only. It is limited to open 10 items per each folder.

As with all iOS applications, Pst Mail is available exclusively in Apple's App Store, using the following links:


Pst Mail Pst Mail Lite
App Store Badge App Store Badge
(full paid version) (lite free version)



We are comitted to ensure that our products are always current with the latest operating system version. The latest Pst Mail version is compatible with iOS7 and iOS8. However, if you have a lower iOS version, you will still be able to download a previous version of Pst Mail that is compatible with your installed iOS release.