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At your fingertips

Wherever you are, you may now carry every Outlook message with you. Even if you have no Internet connection, our apps can open pst files from a Mac, iPad or iPhone.
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PST Bridge

Years of Outlook data,
now in your Mac.
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Pst Mail

Be truly mobile.
At all times, in all places.
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Sharing Outlook data with Apple devices? You are in the right place.

Get easy access to your Outlook data on a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

I have a
Mac computer
I have an
iPhone or iPad

PST Bridge for OS X

PST Bridge is an application with a double purpose. You may use it to convert Outlook pst files into a format that is understood by the applications running in your Mac. Or if you prefer, you may visualize that same information directly in PST Bridge's window. No conversion needed.

To learn more, please follow this link.

Pst Mail for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Pst Mail is an application that allows you to visualize your Outlook data in your iOS device. It works both with iPhone and iPad. By transferring your Outlook pst files to your device, you carry the information with you. You will not depend on having an Internet connection. You will also save money on your data plan, as the information is already in your device.

To learn more, please follow this link.